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More Clan Cards Needed

All Cards have been found
That's all for this event
Look out for the next one

Yoo fellow Galaxy clan mates. Don't forget about this in-clan event... hopefully to gather the necessary cards before the mermaid patch comes in :)

Pls refer to the table below for the cards that are still needed:

Card NameLocationFound By
Evil TigerSecret Plainalfred14
Gold LionSecret Plainmalfairy
Light HedgehogGenie DesertFiona
Black WidowGenie DesertFiona
Fire PegasusSnow White ForestYunaku
Wood EagleSlime Maze 3 / Snow White ForestKnives2309
(Blue) SlimeSlime Maze 3 / Rat Cave 3 Fiona

The above monsters are level 24-25. Please be careful while hunting.

Rewards will be given to the first person who got it and pigeon to Yunaku.

Reward: pls choose one of the Reward No. from the table below, all items are 1 unless specify otherwise.

Reward No.ItemNo. of card needed
Equipment (any level)
AShoes + Gloves1
BShoes + Hat1
CHat + Gloves1
EWand (+2 Stat)1
Quest Items
F6 White Wine1
G5 Bamboo Shoot1
H20 Fairy Dew1
I1 Fine Woolen Cloth1
J5 Hunter Delight1
K10,000 coins1
LPet (level 1 - 20)1
MPet (level 21 - 40)2

Robber? on the loose

how come Yunaku (AOL) is holding a sword walking towards oYeNo.... ????

Mermaid Found...

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Clanmates Escapades!

-submited by Fiona-

Event Pictures!

Requested by most of the clanmates... Here we go! (Wait it to load slowly)

Before event started, GM started to change all the party leaders into Pinkies. Of course, I requested myself to become one... but i REGRETED! Cause I was no longer a monkey after...

When the event about to starts, we requested the party to line up before the guard. Thanks the purple to help us because the people there are just NOISY with their EXCITEMENT of the event!

After first round of the "Hide and Seek", the winner of each group return to the starting place. And we can see the Kyril is crying because his party lose. Cheer up Kyril! There will be your time to win next time!

Look! How happy is Xin when he founded Yunaku, the final "hider" of the event! And thanks to Yunaku to find a brilliant hiding place.

When round two finished, the event is ended. We took the picture of all the winners before giving the prize. (So they dont run away first ^_^) Note: GM is there. I don't know when did he appear.

Before we left the RBC palace, we took snapshot with GM006.

And, a lot of scenario happened then... such as.. gem crawler being eaten by dragon.

Come on, take a family picture! Oops.. StarFish haven't ready

This one nicer.. ^_^

Well.. that's all I can get so far. For those who wants a copy of original picture, kindly send your request to I will send you all the copy. Most of them is almost the same though.

Thanks again to all Galaxy members for making the event success!

New Couple (Fiona&Paul)

We have a new couple!

There are 4 pictures in this image. Look carefully!

Picture requesting

Hello mates.. If you have pictures that wanted to be posted here on our clan website, kindly ZIP all ur picture before sending. Downloading 10 pictures is a hassle. Thanks.

send it to

Please allow few days for processing. I am slow you know...


No Winner for "Guessing Event"

Unfortunately.. no one had been guessing that the winner will be Xin's party! WeirdEmpress can put back the 5k into clan fund for next small clan event!

Winners of "Hide and Seek" event

First Prize:
Xin's party from BUGHA

Consolation Prize:
eniale's party from ~Sacred Saga~
Siato's party from Symbiosis

The biggest winner of All:
All Galaxians!

Thanks everyone!